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Full Version: Rose-breasted Grosbeak-Cameron
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A Rose-breasted Grosbeak was present at the Cameron courtyard on Tuesday 28 November 2017. This is the latest date I am aware of on the Navajo Nation. A Downy Woodpecker and Red-naped Sapsucker were also present. None of these birds were seen on Saturday 2 December 2017.
According to a photo posted to eBird, this bird continued as of yesterday, 15 December:
Glo & I saw the grosbeak in the courtyard late yesterday, apparently subsisting on cheesy snacks (see photo).

I finally had time to go after this bird, hoping that cheesy snack suppliers had kept it in place. Alas. My Arizona bogey bird continues. Thirty-three years and counting ...

My best bird at Cameron was a Sagebrush Sparrow at Battery Acid Pond.
wups...I forgot to post that the bird was in the courtyard on Tuesday 2 January 2018....
The Rose-breasted Grosbeak was still at Cameron today. Apparently his New Year's resolution was to give up junk food and eat more fruit.
If you want this bird for your 2018 list then don't invite me along. I am cursed.
(I did look in those berry trees ...)
Hopefully you'll try again Terry!  The grosbeak was in the SE corner of the courtyard yesterday morning (1/14), this time eating seeds (the nut equivalent for the new 2018 diet?).  I did have to wait around a little for it to show up.

Made an impromptu trip to bird a few areas around Cameron on Tuesday 23 January 2018. The Rose-breasted Grosbeak showed at the courtyard along with two Crissal Thrashers. Two Green-winged Teal were at battery acid pond. This species is moving north by late January. BAP is lower than I have ever seen it. It is fed by the river's alluvial aquifer which must be dropping as a result of the continuing Great Dry Spell of 2017-18. IIRC BAP was dug out/created in the early 1990s. A third Crissal Thrasher was seen (and heard singing) about a mile and half up Tanner Crossing wash...a Sagebrush Sparrow and 25 American Goldfinches were in this area as well. What a contrast the martian-like aspect of this area is from the high forests of the San Francisco Peaks where Jason and Tom and I did a few trips a couple weeks ago. A hike in the tamarisk along the river produced White-crowned Sparrows, a Loggerhead Shrike and a Long-eared Owl which flushed from its roost on the ground.