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Full Version: Pacific Wrens and Fox Sparrow - West Fork of Oak Creek Canyon
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Three of us did a hike up West Fork this morning, 2 December.  In the 3 1/2 miles one way, at least twelve Pacific Wrens were heard calling in the patches of willows and other shrubby vegetation near the creek.  The nearest one to the parking area was at the second creek crossing.  There was also a red Fox Sparrow about two miles up West Fork in a patch of horsetails near the creek.  It was fairly quiet overall but all three nuthatches and Brown Creepers were especially responsive to owl tooting today.  At all the stream crossings the water was low enough for fairly easy crossing with a few dance moves needed on some rocks.  One can hike about 3 1/2 miles before reaching a point where the canyon walls go into the deeper creek on both sides.  A beautiful day, there was little foot traffic along the trail until we headed back at 11:20 am and started meeting late comers.  New for me were three separate individuals "hiking" is this wonderful area with music loudly playing from speakers in their daypacks.

A quick stop at Cave Springs Campground found no American Dippers along the stream. A House Wren in the blackberries was a bit of a surprise in December.