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Full Version: Purple Finch at Walnut Canyon Ponds
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I found a likely Purple Finch at the south waterfall today, drinking with a group of Cassin's Finch.

The bird was noticably darker and chunky with a brownish streaked back, dingy white breast and belly,  with dark, thick streaking extending to a white undertail.  The head was peaked with a thick neck, dull white surrounding a dark auricular.  The  bill was conical.  It stuck out like a sore thumb. Unfortunately, because the wind had dust flying everywhere, I left my camera in my car.

I was able to watch the bird from 20 feet for about a minute, and I'm highly confident this was a purple finch, having seen many in my life and having so many examples of House and Cassin's Finch around for comparison.

I only wish I had my camera with me and hopefully it will be seen again.
Somebody get a picture!
I stopped by the ponds after work. A female Cassin's Finch was right at the waterfall when I arrived, and all the other finches I saw were House Finch. A Cedar Waxwing stopped in as well. A "Richardson's" Cackling Goose continues across from FAC near the golf course pond.


Flagstaff, AZ
Jason Wilder started a lively email conversation with a few of us regarding Carpodacus finches, along with a photo quiz.

As a result, I'm removing my PUFI report and paying more attention to detail with this difficult group.

Thanks for the fun Jason!
As Tom mentioned, going through photos online made me fairly certain that I need to do some work on my Carpodacus finches - especially the females! As a result, I deleted from eBird a sight record of mine from 2011 of a silent female-type bird that I identified at the time as Purple Finch. That ID definitely might be correct, but I'd like to be more sure.