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Full Version: SF Peaks Northern Saw-whet Owl
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I did an early hike up to the Humphrey's Peak saddle this morning - conditions were beautiful, and the trail is basically hard-packed snow the whole way. Birds were few and far between, and there was no sign of the Pine Grosbeaks that were on the lower section of the trail a few weeks ago. Birds included "Oregon" juncos at treeline and the usual nuthatches and chickadees, Clark's nutcrackers, brown creepers, etc. I didn't see a single woodpecker today. The highlight was a tooting Northern Saw-whet owl about 30 minutes before sunrise up at about 10,400'.

Scenery was fantastic:

Very confiding Red-breasted Nuthatch in a Bristlecone Pine:

Flagstaff, AZ
Amazing scenery, and beautiful Nuthatch- he posed for you!
Is the Red-breasted Nuthatch in a bristlecone pine tree?
That's right, Diana - this was up at about 11,000'...most trees in the immediate vicinity were spruces, but I liked it that the RBNU came in to a Bristlecone when I pished at it.

Three of us had a single NSWO along Elden Lookout Road last night. The bird started singing about 7:15 pm and was located 100 yards from the gate at the bottom of the now closed road.