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Full Version: Type 1 Evening Grosbeaks at Desert View
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About a month ago, on 10 Feb 2018, I recorded a small flock of Evening Grosbeaks here at Desert View on the South Rim. The spectrograms did not look like the expected (?) Type 4, so I sent them to Aaron Haiman who wrote about the different types here:

He confirmed my suspicion that these were Type 1 birds, which are the Central/Northern/Canadian Rockies/Pacific Northwest population.

This recording stuff is pretty cool! Interesting to be able to have these insights into species and population movements. Also, recordings from AZ seem to be pretty scarce, and it's not totally clear what is the expected type (4 or 5) in a lot of areas.
For anyone behind the curve, here is Aaron's primer on EVGR types:
[Image: 6a00e5505da1178834017ee6c55667970d-800wi.jpg?w=640]
What call type do these look like to you, Brian? From my backyard today...


Flagstaff, AZ
By the way, I think these are "Type 1".

And, here's a sample audio...does it work?
1. we still have 16 evening grosbeaks here in sedona at 3950 elevation.
2. of course i never hear them vocalize at all so no clue what type.
3. only 1 adult male out of the 16
4. interesting there is one with what nanette thinks is papilloma virus on it's feet like warts. 
rich armstrong
looks like Type 1 to me, Jason. Cool!

better bleach that feeder, Rich.
I recorded what I believe to be Type 1s this morning. What do you think? There is a thread on the Arizona Birding Facebook page that has some great info on analyzing EVGR calls.