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Full Version: South Rim Crossbills
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There have been large flocks of Red Crossbills along the rim at Desert View lately, so I spent some time this morning, 13 Apr 2018, making crossbill recordings at Desert View and elsewhere along the South Rim.

The majority of the birds are the expected Type 2 (Ponderosa Pine) birds, but there are also strong numbers of Type 4 (Douglas Fir) and Type 5 (Lodgepole Pine) around also. I estimated at least 250 crossbills present in a small area along the rim, with other smaller flocks at the sewage lagoons and residential area.

Continuing a variety of tanks on the Kaibab (Lee Canyon, Hull Tank, the nearby trick tank, and Lockett Lake) and in the park (Hearst Tanks), there were crossbills at every stop. Type 2 predominated, with a few Type 4 in the mix. Large numbers of Cassin's Finches are also around.

A Hermit Thrush was at Lee Canyon, at least 60 Clark's Nutcrackers at Hull Tank, and a Merlin was at Lockett Lake.

Earlier this week two Type 4 (Southern Rockies) Evening Grosbeaks were in my yard.

Brian Gatlin
Grand Canyon, AZ
60 Clark's Nutcrackers?!  Apparently I need to get out more, as I had no idea their flocks grew that large. Cool