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Full Version: Lower Oak Creek Canyon - 4/14
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I spent the morning in Oak Creek 4th visit there in the last ~2 weeks. Visiting birders have logged a handful of recent reports of Bell's Vireo on eBird in the area near Midgely Bridge and Grasshopper Point, but I sure haven't had any luck finding them. It's not an area I'll complain too much about visiting, despite my failure to get the BEVI.

This morning's highlights in the lower canyon included two brilliant Hooded Orioles at Grasshopper Point, a flyover Zone-tailed Hawk near Midgely Bridge, a few Hutton's Vireos, and a handful of Dusky/Hammond's Flycatchers. A stop at Cave Springs produced a number of Grace's Warblers, a half dozen more Dusky/Hammond's Flycatchers, a lone Hutton's Vireo, and a good showing of Painted Redstarts.

Hooded Oriole:

Zone-tailed Hawk:

Flagstaff, AZ