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Full Version: Handsome Rose Breasted Grosbeak in yard in Swiss Manor
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a gorgeous male ROSE-BREASTED GROSBEAK showed up yesterday morning in our yard (not a new yard bird as we had 1 for a week a few years ago). seen by 4 yesterday and so far 3 today as bird continues. it has a dozen or more black-headed to hang out with. pictures on ebird by sam and holly.
rich armstrong
A male RB Grosbeak was at our feeder yesterday. We live a couple blocks from E. Harding, so assume it's a continuing bird.

ours here in west sedona was here 2 days and seen by 8 visitors. however, it was not seen yesterday or today, and since we now have lower numbers of black-headeds i assume it left with some of them.
rich armstrong
I have not seen him in my yard again.
I am at 3840 N Steves Blvd. Didn't make it to Ebird alert because for some reason my privacy setting was on at the time.
I wonder if individuals can be partly differentiated by the pattern of the bleeding heart. Photos on line seem to show quite a bit of variability. I am making this up but theorizing.
Elizabeth Harding
And now, May 14, a handsome male Rose-breasted Grosbeak in my Swiss Manor yard:


And also this female grosbeak, which I think may be a Rose-breasted based on the uniformly pink bill. I did not get a good enough look at the breast streaks to be sure though:


And, this female tanager, which is giving me fits. It was very uniformly yellow-green and had all dark wings as far as I could see. The problem is that a critical part of the wing is obscured. So, Western Tanager or Scarlet Tanager? More pics here:



Flagstaff, AZ