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Full Version: possible lauging gull sedona wetlands
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1. here are sam's pictures of possible LAUGHING GULL.
2. i have not seen a summer non adult laughing gull in 20+ years and books tend to show winter pictures.
3. to me it looked larger than a franklin's should look, but of course most think i can't tell size at all.
4. the bill seemed larger and slightly downcurved.
5. the primaries had no white.
6. but we will hope the experts can tell.
rich armstrong
I'm pretty far out of my league on this, but I'm wondering if this is a first-summer Franklin's Gull in a funky molt stage? In particular, the outer three primaries look very worn, but then next primary is actually a bit longer and white-tipped (and maybe the next primary too), making me think they've been replaced. The color pattern of these fresher primaries seems to favor Franklin's...I don't think any age Laughing Gull should have inner primaries with so much white on them.

In three of the four photos I think the bill looks petite, and in the 4th it looks like absurdly long, so I'm not sure what to make of that.

I look forward to more informed opinions.

Flagstaff, AZ
A bit more interwebs research, and the Sedona bird has a lot in common with the first-summer Franklin's gull in the top two pictures here:
sam & i both did some research and unfortunately we both concluded it is most likely a franklin's gull. too bad, but an interesting bird. 
rich armstrong