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Full Version: Lawrence's Goldfinch at Kachina Wetlands
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[attachment=19841]I went birding at Kachina Wetlands with Richard Hofstetter today (9/29/18). We looked for the Sabine's Gull but because it was so windy, the attempt was unsuccessful. We did, however, see two adult male Lawrence's Goldfinches at the southwest corner of the wetlands (near the house). They were part of a large mixed flock moving through the forest and stayed for about 10 seconds at the base of a pine tree next to the puddle before flying off. Here are the photos I managed to catch:

[Image: image.gif]
I had no luck finding the Lawrence's Goldfinches this morning, 30 Sept. There is a fairly incredible number of Lesser Goldfinches to sort through in that quadrant of the wetlands complex. I'm guessing I saw at least 350 LEGOs. So, picking out a Lawrence's was a bit of a needle in a haystack endeavor, and the haystack definitely won this morning. Birds were transiting between the sunflowers in the dry wetland cells and the ponderosas. Many were coming into the large puddle near the very SW edge of the complex to drink (maybe this is the same spot the Lawrence's were seen?). Lots of yellow-rumps, Pine Siskins, Spizella sparrows and a few Orange-crowned Warblers were in the mix too.

Good numbers of Lawrence's have been reported state-wide in the last 10 days, and this is the second Coconino report already. Definitely a bird to watch for in the next few weeks - they can show up anywhere.

Flagstaff, AZ
To clarify, the Lawrence's were seen together at the puddle at the sw corner. I am sorry to hear they could not be relocated, but hopefully we'll see more soon! (maybe because of Rosa)
Great find Brian. There was a single male LAGO in the same general location this morning.
I'm very glad to hear it! I hoped they would return, but it seemed unlikely, so it's encouraging one did!
There was a female Lawrence's Goldfinch spotted yesterday by a pair of visiting birders also near the SW corner of the wetlands complex - at the southern end of the dike running between Cells 4 & 6. I refound the bird this very wet morning (2 October) in a sunflower patch in Cell 6, mixed in with many Lesser Goldfinch and Pine Siskins. I hunted around quite a bit, but could not find the male LAGO(s)...conditions were not optimal, though.

Flagstaff, AZ