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First Three 2018 - tblows - 1 Jan 2018

Continuing a long-running tradition on this site, my first three species of 2018, north of the hospital in Flagstaff were

Cassin's Finch
Dark-eyed Junco
American Crow

I wish everyone good birding in 2018!

First 2 of 2018 - gbotello - 1 Jan 2018

Happy New Year to all!

Are we doing our first 3 species of 2018 this year?

If so, mine were Dark-eyed Junco, Cassin's Finch, Mountain Chickadee.

May 2018 be a great birding year for everyone!


RE: First Three 2018 - Canyonbirder - 1 Jan 2018

First three at Desert View on the South Rim: Spotted Towhee, Dark-eyed Junco (Oregon), and Northern Flicker.

(Coming in a little later at #6 was the continuing Golden-crowned Sparrow who has now spent about a month and a half in my yard.)

Happy New Year,

Brian Gatlin
Desert View, AZ

RE: First Three 2018 - cheyenne395 - 1 Jan 2018

First three for me, in my backyard in Doney Park:

Red Crossbill
Red-breasted Nuthatch
Cassin's Finch

Happy New Year!

RE: First Three 2018 - TimR74 - 1 Jan 2018

Happy New Year! Rookie(ish) birder here and new to the forum, but feeling confident with these first three identifications in my front yard in Timberline/Fernwood:

Cassin's Finch
Eurasian Collared Dove
Northern Flicker

RE: First Three 2018 - tshedwall - 1 Jan 2018

In Mountainaire:
American Crow
Dark-eyed Junco
Pine Siskin

Happy New Year!

RE: First Three 2018 - Roger - 1 Jan 2018

In Cornville:
White-crowned Sparrow
Western Bluebird
Spotted Towhee

I still have a horde of these coming to water daily:

RE: First Three 2018 - jawilder - 1 Jan 2018

Chuck LaRue and I were at the Abineau/Bear Jaw Trailhead on the north side of the San Francisco Peaks just before dawn (more details in a separate post). First three were:
Northern Pygmy-Owl
Common Raven
Evening Grosbeak

RE: First Three 2018 - Kimbo25 - 1 Jan 2018

First Three in my VOC yard:

Purple Finch
Spotted Towhee
Mountain Chickadee

RE: First Three 2018 - bhealyphoto - 1 Jan 2018

Happy New Year!

We were in McDowall Mt. Park this weekend. First three:
Common raven
Northern mockingbird
Gambel's quail.

RE: First Three 2018 - rauler - 1 Jan 2018

In Anthem, Glo & I had Gambel's Quail, House Finch, and Costa's Hummingbird (male).


RE: First Three 2018 - gbotello - 2 Jan 2018

(1 Jan 2018, 5:50 PM)Kimbo25 Wrote: First Three in my VOC yard:

Purple Finch
Spotted Towhee
Mountain Chickadee

Purple Finch, not Cassin's Finch?


RE: First Three 2018 - Diana Herron - 2 Jan 2018

My first three birds in Scottsdale:
Canada Goose
Green Heron
American Coot
These birds were seen in lakes along Hayden Road.

This morning I saw three Acorn Woodpeckers in my Scottsdale yard. This was a new yard species but not new to the neighborhood. In mid-November I saw these same birds in a park near me.

I wish you good health and good birding in 2018.
Diana Herron

RE: First Three 2018 - Tom Linda - 2 Jan 2018

American Crow
Red-talked Hawk
Sage Thrasher

RE: First Three 2018 - erh36 - 9 Jan 2018

My first 3 in Wickenburg (NW Maricopa County) on Jan. 1st were all exotic invasives, sadly enough:
House Sparrow
Eurasian Collared-Dove
European Starling

Later in the day had better birds along the Hassayampa River and at ponds in Peoria.

Just a little while ago (today, Jan. 9) I added species #65 to my apartment/yard list: Western Bluebird. Not a bad list for only having been there since early July! A couple of my first birds on the yard list were Red-shouldered and Gray Hawks.

Good birding and happy new year!

Eric Hough
Wickenburg, AZ