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2 rare warblers/1 photo - bhealyphoto - 8 Jan 2018

I started 2018 at the Riparian Preserve in Gilbert. I found a northern parula foraging high in a cottonwood, and struggled to get a photo. It finally flew low-enough to get a photo, and as I snapped away, another rare bird landed in the frame! I hadn't even seen the chestnut-sided warbler. [attachment=19360]

I guess I lucked out.
Happy New Year

RE: 2 rare warblers/1 photo - tblows - 8 Jan 2018

Well done Brian. I saw the Northern Parula on Saturday morning (high in the tees) but the Chestnut-sided Warbler just would not show for me.

RE: 2 rare warblers/1 photo - bhealyphoto - 8 Jan 2018

Thanks! It was a huge stroke of luck! I was standing around there for a long time trying to get a decent shot of that parula, and this was my very first view of the chestnut-sided. On a less lucky note, I didn't find the pine grosbeaks this weekend.