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Common Loon on Upper Lake Mary - jawilder - 31 May 2018

I was driving past Upper Lake Mary last night, May 30, around 7pm and happened to see a bird on the water near the Osprey Lookout. I was very surprised to find it to be a first-summer Common Loon, which is apparently in no hurry to get north (maybe it's embarrassed to be in such drab plumage next to the striking mature birds!). I'm not sure I've ever seen a first-summer Common Loon before, and I was surprised at how confusing its plumage is. This bird had extensively white flanks, quite unlike anything shown in Sibley, and a face and neck pattern that was vague and diffuse enough to be a real head-scratcher.

I was only able to get very low-quality pictures due to distance, and the bird spent most of its time snoozing, but here are a couple shots:



Flagstaff, AZ