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Mississippi Kites - Camp Verde - HollyPK - 7 Jun 2018

Today we saw first one then 20 minutes later three Mississippi Kites soaring over our back yard off of Salt Mine Road.  Pointed falcon-like wing tips, held rigid, and soaring effortlessly.  The first bird ended up sailing so high that we could only see it with bins at the end.  Then the second group of 3 birds sailed at lower elevation, pale heads, slightly darker body, dark wing tips, no mottling at all, and soaring in a group.  Dark gray rather square tail . The white in the secondaries on the upper-side of the wings was present in all three birds.  Though we know they are here this is our first yard bird sighting since we moved here in 2009.  

I have checked the Jordan Meadows site (from years previous) for perched or soaring birds at least 5 times in the last month, although Marshal Whitmire at his residence has reported them there twice.  I have not seen the birds there on their usual perches.  

I did see a first summer bird soaring 1/2 mile west of this location on May 27th in arid habitat.  So today's birds are my second sighting for the season of this species.  

If I see a perched bird, or any indication of perching or nesting activity, or reliable soaring activity that other birders have a decent chance of seeing I will post it first to eBird and then to this site.