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AZFO: New photos
15 Nov 2017, 4:36 PM,
AZFO: New photos
Starting a new thread since so many of these are from northern Arizona!

Field Ornithologists,

Janine McCabe contributed photos of White-winged Scoter; Brendon Grice contributed photos of American Golden-Plover; David Vander Pluym contributed photos of Red Phalarope, Purple Finch, and McCown’s Longspur; Melissa Williams, Scott Olmstead, and Chris Rohrer contributed photos of Couch’s Kingbird; Jason Wilder contributed photos of American Tree Sparrow; Christopher J. Vincent contributed photos of Red Fox Sparrow; Thomas Hedwall contributed photos of Rusty Blackbird; and Roy Morris contributed photos of Bay-breasted Warbler. Under Regional Rarities, David Vander Pluym also contributed photos of Sprague’s Pipit from Coconino County.

Thanks Janine, Brendon, David, Melissa, Scott, Chris, Jason, Christopher, Thomas, and Roy!

Thanks to all who use the online form below to submit photos.  It makes our job a lot easier and ensures your photos will be posted more quickly. 

The AZFO Photo Gallery is found at:
click on "Photo Documentation"
The AZFO Sound Library of sound recordings is found at:
click on "Sounds Library"

Arizona Field Ornithologists welcomes Arizona rarity photo contributions from all photographers throughout the state.
Use our online form to submit photos:
AZFO also welcomes contributions to its Sounds Library of bird vocalizations recorded in Arizona and nearby areas. See more information here:
If you enjoy the AZFO web site, please consider joining AZFO and supporting our other activities.  Details on the web site.

We strive for accuracy.  Please email any corrections to postings to the photo editors.
Lauren Harter and David Vander Pluym
AZFO Photo Editors

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