Tennessee Warbler singing at base of Mount Elden
15 May 2018, 11:04 AM,
Tennessee Warbler singing at base of Mount Elden
This morning on a run I was stopped in my tracks by a distinctive, loud, staccato song in the forest at the base of Mt. Elden, just west of Trinity Heights. I pished in a small warbler which sat 12 feet directly overhead in a newly leafing-out Gambel's Oak. With no binocs (or camera) I could clearly see a short-tailed warbler-sized bird uniformly clean and white below, and with a dark eyeline, gray face and crown (no views of the back). The bird sang again several times at close range as I watched. Without song, I might have passed the bird off as a Warbling Vireo, which is the only similar-looking species I can think of that is expected. The song, however, was very distinctive, and clearly not WAVI. For anyone looking to track down the bird, the song I heard was 'Song #2', here:


Here is a near-exact location:

Flagstaff, AZ

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Tennessee Warbler singing at base of Mount Elden - by jawilder - 15 May 2018, 11:04 AM

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