Prothontary Warbler in Cameron and shorebirds at Many Farms Lake
19 May 2007, 9:59 AM,
Prothontary Warbler in Cameron and shorebirds at Many Farms Lake
This E-mail just arrived in my in box ca 0930 Saturday 19 May 2007:

Hi Chuck,

Charlie Babbitt just called from northern AZ asking me for your phone number
which I have lost, so he asked me to send an email to you about the great
stuff he and Bud Johnson are getting up there. Yesterday he photographed a singing
Prothonotary Warbler in the courtyard at Cameron and today at Many Farms Lake
they had Whimbrel, Sanderling, and Snowy Plover. He thought you might want to
visit these places today or tomorrow. Now (9:30 A.M.) they are on their way
to Ganado.

Janet Witzeman

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