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Please submit photos to AZFO Web Site
18 Feb 2008, 2:26 PM,
Please submit photos to AZFO Web Site

I have recently taken over as Photo Editor for the part of the Arizona Field Ornithologist’s (AZFO) web site that posts rarity photos. Since this is a statewide site, I would like to see more photos posted there from Northern Arizona. Recently reported birds on this list that are on the Arizona Bird Committee’s list of review or sketch details birds include Northern Shrike, Rough-legged Hawk, Purple Finch and Cackling Goose. Pictures of any of these species would be welcome.

Although you can post pictures to this list, the advantage of posting to the AZFO site is that photos are permanently archived and are shared with a wide audience. The photo gallery page at AZFO receives over 3500 “hits” per month.

Photos do not have to be great (see recent photos of Yellow-billed Loon) but should show enough characters to confidently identify the bird. In addition to rarities of statewide significance (ABC “Review and Sketch Details” species), AZFO is interested in rarities of regional or county significance and out of season rarities. It would be especially nice to document county rarities in the less heavily covered counties in the state.

For further details go to:
click on "Photo Highlights"
then click on either “How to submit photos to AZFO” or “Image Preparation Guidelines” in the upper right corner of the page for details

I am of course happy to answer any questions at any time.

Mike Moore
AZFO Photo Editor
Gilbert, AZ
18 Feb 2008, 2:42 PM,
Welcome to the forums, Mike!

It should be noted that the NAAS database is also permanently archived and received 186,000 hits from 5200 unique visitors in January alone. :grin:

AZFO is free to link to any photos on the NAAS website or contact the photographers for more ...
18 Feb 2008, 3:06 PM,
I hope you did not think I was trying to get people to submit to AZFO instead of here. Of course meant it would be nice to have pictures posted in both places. The NAAS site is great. However, many people visit the AZFO site who do not visit the NAAS site and it would be great to make them more aware of Northern Arizona birds.

Just want to let people know their submissions are welcome to AZFO.

Mike Moore
Gilbert, AZ
21 Feb 2008, 10:01 PM,
AZFO - New Photos
Field Ornithologists,

Gary Botello contributed photos of one of the recent Mormon Lake
Rough-legged Hawks and also a 2006 photo of a Bobolink near Flagstaff. The
Bobolink is posted on the page of 2006 photos or use the taxonomic list to
find the photo of this very rare species around Flagstaff.

Other recent photos include Red-shouldered Hawk, White-eyed Vireo, Golden-winged Warbler and Cave Swallow.

Photos posted at:
click on "Photo Highlights"

Thanks to Gary for his contributions. Arizona Field Ornithologists welcomes
Arizona rarity photo contributions from all photographers throughout the
state. If you enjoy the photo web site, please consider joining AZFO and
supporting our other activities. Details on the web site.

Mike Moore
AZFO Photo co-editor
Gilbert, AZ

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