North American Birds Spring 2008 Season AZ Reports Solicited
1 Jun 2008, 9:31 AM,
North American Birds Spring 2008 Season AZ Reports Solicited
The Spring 2008 reporting season for the journal "North American Birds" (March 1-May 31) has ended and I solicit your reports and documentation of significant bird sightings in Arizona from this period.

Posting of sightings to this Sigthigs Board doesn't guarantee that they will have been noted or included. Observations of significant birds never posted to the Board are particularly solicited. Sightings entered into the AZFO seasonal reports database or submitted to the ABC will be noted. Please also enter your sightings at the AZFO site.

Thanks for your contributions, without which there would be no report.

Learn more about "North American Birds" at

Mark Stevenson
drbrdr AT
AZ Region Co-editor, North American Birds
Tucson, AZ

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