Submit Spring Sightings to AZFO Seasonal Reports
3 Jun 2008, 9:20 PM,
Submit Spring Sightings to AZFO Seasonal Reports

Hi Birders,

The Spring Season is now over, and the Arizona Field Ornithologists welcomes reports of all unusual sightings in Arizona between 1 March and 31 May that can be included in our state-wide seasonal regional reports. Please submit sightings by June 15 so that regional coordinators can compile their reports, which will be put together on the AZFO website. The data entry location is: Our Winter 2007-08 report can be seen at:

To contribute you don't have to be a member of AZFO. The goal of the seasonal reports is to gather useful data of good quality about bird distribution of new, unusual, or otherwise noteworthy bird observations from all regions of Arizona. We are looking for well-documented reports of individual species and their nesting activity, early and late arrivals, irruptions, unusually high or low concentrations, and birds found in unexpected habitats or areas of the state. Among the submissions will be those of unusual sightings that North American Birds doesn't have the space to provide coverage or details to in its seasonal reports.

It's very important to submit reports to the AZFO database, because regional coordinators may miss your unusual sightings of Arizona birds on the Arizona/New Mexico listserv, and they won't get into the seasonal reports. Moreover, the database has search functions that make it easy to find sightings, which will be become increasingly valuable as the cumulative data mounts. Of course, when birds have been seen by many observers, such as Tufted Flycatcher or Yellow-billed Loon, check the database to see if it has already been entered as we don't need 42 submissions for each of them.

And we'll be looking forward to seeing your submissions for the Summer Season, which includes reports from 1 June through 31 July.

Good birding,

Doug Jenness,
Statewide Coordinator, AZFO Seasonal Reports

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