Purple martins at Double Springs
28 Jun 2011, 9:03 PM,
Purple martins at Double Springs
Bea, Sue and I found purple martins on a snag near the Arizona Trail at Double Springs off the Mormon Lake loop.
29 Jun 2011, 1:55 PM,
Double Springs
You didn't mention other birds, but walking up the mountain trail at the west end of DS campground 35 yds or so, one could find Red-naped Sapsucker, possibly nesting, as it's been seen a few times May & June in this same locale.

Purple Martins have a good presence on the South Kaibab Forest - notably JD Dam, Whitehorse Lake, east side of Cataract Lake and along FR108 (exit at Devil Dog Rd).

29 Jun 2011, 10:23 PM,
We did not see or hear any red-breasted nuthatches. That would have been nice. We did see, with some effort, a MacGillivray's warbler...probably nesting there, red-faced and yellow-rumped warblers, western wood-pewee, western tanager, warbling vireo, house wren, robins, black-headed grosbeak, western bluebird, and western meadowlark.

At the overlook, there were two red-tailed hawks interacting with their feet hanging down. I thought this was late for a courtship display but don't know what else it could have been. There was also a kestrel. A rock wren was singing right next to the back side of the wall, likely nesting there.

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