Havasu Protho Warbler, Sabine's Gull, RB Nuthatch
2 Oct 2012, 3:27 PM,
Havasu Protho Warbler, Sabine's Gull, RB Nuthatch
10/1/2012 - Just back from the Western Field Ornithologists meeting in
Petaluma, CA, I was eager to get out today and see what was going on around
Havasu. I did the usual circuit around town: the north end, Pittsburgh
Point, the Island STP, Rotary Park, and Mulberry STP. Highlights were a
PROTHONOTARY WARBLER at the north end, a Sabine's Gull seen from Pittsburgh
Point, and at least one Red-breasted Nuthatch at Rotary Park.

At the north end viewpoint (Cape Havasu), the Prothonotary Warbler was
briefly seen in the narrow strip of mesquites at the end of the point.
Overall, migrants using the riparian strip along the lake were not very
numerous, although numbers of Audubon's Warblers have increased suddenly in
the last week. A LAWRENCE'S GOLDFINCH was an unexpected flyover, heading
north. With no developed veg mats, there wasn't much shorebird habitat or
activity. I did have two Pectoral Sandpipers buzz the point, and saw six
flyover Wilson's Snipes. Coot numbers have increased greatly (I estimated
3600) while ducks were diverse but not very numerous, with the exceptions
of about 14 Blue-winged Teal (along with at least 10 Cinnamons and some
sp.s) and an estimated 125 Ruddy Ducks--my estimate from Sept 21 was only
20. Only a handful of Ring-billed Gulls and Sterna sp.s were detected, and
two Common Loons were way out on the lake.

From Pittsburgh Point, I saw more jet skis than bird species. Two new
Common Loons weren't far off the point, and a juv Sabine's Gull was seen
sitting on the water well north of the point. I decided to skip Site Six,
and headed for the Island STP. Both shallow ponds were dry, and only a few
birds were around to feast on goldfish in the deep pond.

The beach at Rotary Park was unexciting, but a few migrants and arriving
sparrows were about. At least one Red-breasted Nuthatch worked its way
through the park, calling quietly and infrequently. Audubon's Warblers and
Gambel's White-crowned Sparrows were present in numbers, and two
Ruby-crowned Kinglets were present--I had previously only had one this
fall. A Lazuli Bunting was on the late side.

With ducks starting to show up, I decided to check the Mulberry STP, but
only found a handful of Mallards.

Incidentally, the LCRV book only lists two records of Prothonotary Warbler,
one from CA and one from the Bill Williams Delta, La Paz County. Other
than that a quick search of resources at hand turned up one record from
Mohave County, from Littlefield in 1984.

Good birding,
Lauren Harter
Lake Havasu City
2 Oct 2012, 4:46 PM,
RE: Havasu Protho Warbler, Sabine's Gull, RB Nuthatch
Thank you, Lauren Harter, for directions to the PROTHONOTARY WARBLER ! My wife, Lorraine and I paddled our kayaks to within 20 feet of it this morning based on yesterday's description of the site. Here's a sampling of photos. A "Lifer" for me

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3 Oct 2012, 12:46 PM,
RE: Havasu Protho Warbler, Sabine's Gull, RB Nuthatch
The Prothonotary was present this morning, 10/3, seen very briefly in the same area. See tinyurl.com/lcrvrarities for a map.


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