Cassin's Vireo. R-N Phalarope - Page Spgs
27 Apr 2014, 9:30 AM,
Cassin's Vireo. R-N Phalarope - Page Spgs
Bubbling Ponds was truly a bounty of avian delight early this morning, with droves of swallows, waxwings, kingbirds and phainopeplas. Much singing among the usual suspects - chats, yellowthroats, orioles, blackbirds and Lucy's - but the sheer volume of birds was the standout event for the hour I was there.

Amongst the throngs, a Bank Swallow was obligingly perched on a string over an upper pond with many VGSW, NRWS TRES, 2 Red-necked Phalarope were on the lowest large pond, and a very bright Cassin's Vireo was calling was calling incessantly from the mesquites beyond.

The mulberry tree adjacent to the parking lot is typically the first to fruit, so you could pop out your lawn chair and see most of the birds in the surrounding area with little effort.


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