News from Lake Montezuma
1 May 2014, 9:35 AM,
News from Lake Montezuma
The old golf course has sold though reliable details are sketchy. The rumor mill is including something about a foreclosure process. The fairway on which our house sits received a controlled burn while we were in SE AZ for a week. It's now hopping with birds and we had a neighborhood list first (Lazuli Bunting #140) on the patio this morning. Also saw a Rufous-crowned Sparrow (#139) in a nameless nearby desert wash about a mile from here.
A Great Blue Heron pair, strutting on the fairway, just treated us to a spectacle: one of them gulped down what appeared to be a rat of some sort or maybe a mole. Pretty good sized morsel. The mallards have been enjoying searching for something out there in the greening area where the tall weeds were burnt. I found 15 golf balls in plain sight on two evening walks.
We bought the heavily wooded lot (calling it Towhee Woods) next door and while sitting out on Tuesday about noon, we had 3 first of season sightings: Western and Summer Tanager and Black-headed Grosbeak.

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