Bubbling Ponds - mulberries
17 May 2015, 10:05 PM,
Bubbling Ponds - mulberries
Saturday morning had epic conditions at Bubbling Ponds (Page Spgs). This the time of year when the infestation of mulberries is an irresistible draw to a legion of birds. This bounty, combined with an exiting storm system, resulted in hundreds of birds circulating over the ponds and in and out of the numerous large fruiting mulberry trees.

Large numbers of swallows (only VGSW and NRWS noted) and swifts coursed the ponds incessantly, while droves of phainopepla, tanagers, grosbeaks, orioles and waxwings festooned the fruited branches. These trees probably produce tons of berries annually, drawing patrons from far and wide - even the mallards partake.

The storm apparently stalled a passage event of pewees, at least 20 were noted; it was hard to walk somewhere and not find a pewee. A handful of empids, more Dusky than Hammond's and a couple of Grays. A few oriantha White-crowned Sparrows lingered.

Two Zone-tailed and two Common Black Hawks were also observed.

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