Cave Spring Northern Pygmy Owl
19 Nov 2015, 5:12 PM,
Cave Spring Northern Pygmy Owl
I stopped by Cave Spring this afternoon, hoping to find a NOPO that was reported on ebird a few days ago. It was pretty birdy in there.

I've seen the American Dipper that Anne Pellegrini found a couple times, but not today.

I was able to locate the pygmy owl behind the showers in the campground. The bird was way up in the single pine by the porta-potties. It called twice, giving a rapid series of hoots, followed the the traditional single hoot......hoot......hoot of the northern sub-species. I would have thought the double hoot of the Mountain would be normal.

Anyway, glad I got this bird. The only camera I had with me was my point and shoot, but I was able to get a few back breaking photos.

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