Oak Creek Canyon American Dipper/Fox Sparrow/Pacific Wren
7 Dec 2015, 2:20 PM,
Oak Creek Canyon American Dipper/Fox Sparrow/Pacific Wren
Ron Auler and I had an exceptional morning in OCC today starting at Cave Spring where Ron finally got his nemesis American Dipper. We enjoyed close looks at this amazing little bird. It was downstream 100 yards from the bridge.

We then drove to one of Ron's secret sweet spots (Sterling Pass Trail) and after hiking a couple hundred yards were in the middle of 3-4 calling Fox Sparrow, but we could only hear them. I pished a bit and to our utter amazement, a gorgeous Pacific Wren (Ron's County Lifer) popped out for jaw dropping looks from 10 feet away. Shortly after that, we were able to coax out a Fox Sparrow (slate-colored) for my county lifer. The chip notes of these two species were incredibly similar.

A really remarkable morning.

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