sedona reports
6 Apr 2016, 3:59 PM,
sedona reports
1. kay hawklee, lisa grubbs, and kristin rothrock found a GRAY HAWK at the tuzigoot bridge this morning.
2. a while back common ground doves were reported at dead horse - a report i believe. recently someone reported a smaller than mourning dove dove there. so i went this morning and there is a very weird dove there - it seems to be a juvenile mourning dove that is about 2/3 the size of an adult, and without a tail. but it is not a ground dove. so maybe ground doves are still around and maybe not?
3. someone (e-bird report) reported a lucifer hummingbird yesterday at montezuma castle. vic nelson went there for 90 minutes this morning and did not find a lucifer, but they do have about 5 hummingbird feeders there so it might be a place worth checking from time to time.
4. sam hough reports 1 american avocet at wetlands, and yesterday there was the fos yellow-headed blackbird in pond 1.
Rich Armstrong
6 Apr 2016, 9:38 PM,
RE: sedona reports
Common Ground Dove is unreported in the Verde for 20 yrs. A few Ruddy Ground-dove records. Inca's locally common with some wandering.

BTW - I can't recall a confirmed GRHA sighting in the Verde Valley, but there are a handful of Broad-winged Hawk records between 9-26 April.


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