Tonto Natural Bridge S.P. White-crowned Sparrows, et al.
12 Jun 2016, 3:52 PM,
Tonto Natural Bridge S.P. White-crowned Sparrows, et al.
Hello Birders,

This morning at Tonto Natural Bridge State Park north of Payson I observed two
adult White-crowned Sparrows: one dark-lored (oriantha), and one clean-lored
(gamble's ssp.), probably late migrants. They were both feeding in and below
a mulberry tree just west of the main lodge along with Phainopeplas and Black-
headed Grosbeaks. These sparrows allowed close observation as they fed in the
grass and one briefly sang. Other nice sightings were many Black-chinned
Hummingbirds and m/f Hooded Orioles at the lodge feeders, and the many
swallows, including Violet-green, Cliff, Northern Rough-winged, and nesting
Barn. Many White-throated Swifts were fun to watch at their nesting site
under the travertine bridge. Photos in eBird.

Good Birding,
Brian Ison

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