Clear Creek Campground GRAY CATBIRD (1/1/17)
2 Jan 2017, 10:40 AM,
Clear Creek Campground GRAY CATBIRD (1/1/17)
Hi all,

Yesterday I spent the 1st of the year birding around the Camp Verde Area. One of my favorite spots in this area is the Clear Creek Campground which I haven't spent enough time birding in the past. 

Of most note was a Gray Catbird on the west side of the campground. The bird was hanging out in the thick brush along the small creek of water that runs along the side of the campground. It was actually west of the west end of the campground by like 10 yards, behind the camp host's trailers. 

Ended the day with around 70 species and some other nice highlights!

Happy New Years!


Buckeye, AZ

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