gray catbird camp verde
3 Jan 2017, 3:37 PM,
gray catbird camp verde
1. a phoenix birder found a GRAY CATBIRD on sunday at clear creek campground in camp verde.
2. it was not seen yesterday on cbc, but of course a cbc team only spends a few minutes in each area.
3. the bird was refound this morning, but it can hide in many many places in a small area. it took us 2 hours to see it decently.
4. clear creek campground is off 260 on far east side of camp verde.
5. to get in right now you need a high clearance vehicle to get through a large puddle.
6. but if you don't have the vehicle it is only about a .3 mile walk in.
7. on left side of road is a water ditch and a steep bluff. the bird was along the water ditch in about a 200 foot distance.
8. there is a sort of pump house across the ditch. look 100' to left or right of it along the ditch. the bird called (the sort of low pitched mewwwwwwwwwww) 3 different times from the same area - it is not far from camp host and i put a styrafoam piece in front of the bush.
9. so i suggest you park along the road and walk in toward the ditch. find the pump house on opposite side as a reference and look to the right for my styrofoam and just be more patient than i ever am.
10. you can also go to other side of the ditch and walk the 200' along the ditch that way.
Rich Armstrong
4 Jan 2017, 10:19 AM,
RE: gray catbird camp verde
seen again this morning
rich armstrong

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