Possible Greater Scaup: Page Springs 1/7/17
11 Jan 2017, 6:34 PM,
RE: Possible Greater Scaup: Page Springs 1/7/17
(11 Jan 2017, 9:20 AM)jawilder Wrote: Also for what it's worth, the full digitized scaup wing collection at the Slater Museum initially linked by Chuck is worth looking at. Here is a link to thumbnails of multiple greater and lesser scaups:

My impression from these pictures is that the difference in wingstripe can be quite subtle, particularly for females.

Always uphill sledding betting against NAUBirder, but my 2¢ based strictly on the photographic evidence at hand - I lean toward GRSC too. To my eye, the underwings especially are well into the bell curve for GRSC, and the base of the primaries look good too.

I will hedge by recognizing the possible fallibility of less than razor sharp photos (no disrespect to the photographer) and also acknowledge that the probabilities and habitat greatly favor LESC. Anyway its a fun puzzle, and I'll be looking harder at every scaup for a while.
16 Jan 2017, 6:10 PM,
RE: Possible Greater Scaup: Page Springs 1/7/17
The female GREATER SCAUP as well as the 1st winter plumage SCAUP are both still at the Bubbling Ponds.  
Here is the female GREATER SCAUP. 

Here is a pic with a female LESSER SCAUP on the left who conveniently moved in for a comparison shot.  Smile

And here she is with the Male SCAUP with the 1st winter plumage. 

There were lots of other nice birds at the Bubbling Ponds today too, including 1 LOUISIANA WATERTHRUSH near the outlet stream from the ponds, (first spotted by Vic Nelson yesterday)!  These LESSER SCAUP and 1 REDHEAD allowed for nice pix.  

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