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Resizing images for the forum
8 Feb 2017, 10:50 PM,
Resizing images for the forum
This tutorial explains how to resize an image for the web using Irfanview, a small FREE image editor. Unfortunately, I don't think Apple/Mac is supported.

1. Download  >>Irfanview <<.

2. Open an image, or copy and paste an image into a new Irfanview window.

3.Drag your cursor across the image to focus on the key content.

4. Select Crop from the Edit menu.

5. Select Resize/Resample from the Image Menu. Note; Resampling removes surplus pixels from the image to reduce its data size without reducing the resolution of the image - allowing it to load faster on the forum.
6. Set the new image size. Note; there are various custom options here, but for the sake of simplicity, set the Units to pixels and enter a width under 1000 for this forum. 700-900 seems to work best. Note there are also various image manipulation options under the Image menu, for the sake of speed, I usually limit operations to Auto-adjust colors, and Sharpen.

7. Select Save As from the File Menu. Irfanview does two important things here. First, it allows saving in multiple formats (.png is best for the web, but .jpeg is acceptable) and second, Irfanview never changes your original image, so you can experiment freely and without penalty. With a few minutes of practice, you will be able to crop and resample an image in a few seconds - it is that fast and easy.

Save your file to a suitable location from which to upload to the forum.

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