Northern Pygmy-owls at Picture Canyon
28 Mar 2017, 8:34 PM,
Northern Pygmy-owls at Picture Canyon
I heard a Northern Pygmy-owl calling at Picture Canyon this evening. I was able to get a photo of it. Then there was a ruckus behind me and a second owl flew in and they copulated right in front of me! Didn't manage a photo of that but got one right afterwards.
1 Apr 2017, 9:03 AM,
RE: Northern Pygmy-owls at Picture Canyon
That is so cool! I had a similar copulation encounter two days ago (March 30th) in the Rincon Mountains - I was watching pygmy NUTHATCHES (not owls), when two of them began to copulate on a branch at eye-level 3 feet away from me. They got so worked up, they tumbled out of the tree and fell to the ground at my feet with a plop, where they continued to wrestle for 2 long seconds. After that, they flew back up into the same tree, apparently unharmed by the five-foot tumble.

Christina V

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