Early migrant flock near Elden Spring
3 Aug 2017, 8:05 AM,
Early migrant flock near Elden Spring
On a run near Elden Spring this morning I stopped for a noisy mixed flock of ~20 birds. With pishing I was able to bring in a good number close enough to ID by eye. These included: Black-throated Gray, Red-faced, Hermit, and Townsend's Warblers. Virginia's Warbler were also chipping nearby, and I believe I had one Nashville. The majority of individual birds had to be left unidentified. The birds were feeding in the mixed conifers that are right against the base of Mount Elden about half a mile west of the spring.

Bring on the fall migrants!

Flagstaff, AZ
17 Aug 2017, 1:12 PM,
RE: Early migrant flock near Elden Spring
There was lots of migrant activity in the forest just behind Trinity Heights Methodist Church (top of 4th St. in east Flagstaff) this morning. Large stretches of quiet and empty forest were punctuated by two distinct mixed flocks. Birds present included:

Hermit Warbler - conservatively 8 individuals, likely 10+
Black-throated Gray Warbler - conservatively 6
Yellow Warbler - 1 (unusual for Elden Spring area)
Townsend's Warbler - 1
Wilson's Warbler -1
Nashville Warbler -1
Virginia's Warbler - 1
Cassin's Vireo - 1 (pic below)
Warbling Vireo - 1
Blue-gray Gnatcatchers in unusual spots (maybe a sign of seasonal movement?)
Rock Wren (again, unusual for Elden Spring area and perhaps a sign of seasonal movement)

Fall migration is ramping up!

Flagstaff, AZ

18 Aug 2017, 1:39 PM,
RE: Early migrant flock near Elden Spring
Doing some work along Elden Lookout Road this morning yielded a nice collection of birds:
1 Northern Pygmy-Owl
3 Nashville Warblers
3 Red-faced Warblers
1 Hermit Warbler
2 Plumbeous Vireos
1 Williamson's Sapsucker
many Ruby-crowned Kinglets

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