Tennessee Warbler at Desert View
30 Aug 2017, 7:49 AM,
Tennessee Warbler at Desert View
Seems awfully early for this, but this morning (30 Aug 2017), there was a Tennessee Warbler at the southeast corner of the Desert View sewage ponds. This individual had a yellow head with a noticeable supercilium. The back was yellowish green, while the underparts quickly faded to a much paler color beneath the head, and the undertail coverts were the brightest white. The tail projection beyond the undertail coverts was very short. In the field I noticed that the bird appeared relatively long-winged as well, which was a structural feature I was not previously aware of. 

There is only one previous Tennessee Warbler for Grand Canyon.

The last 2+ weeks, the warbler migration at the sewage ponds has been really excellent for the South Rim, with 8-10 species almost every day.  Today was a lot quieter overall, as a juvenile peregrine was strafing the ponds as I arrived, riling up the ravens, and a Cooper's Hawk was also hunting.

Brian Gatlin
Grand Canyon, AZ

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