Lowland Red-breasted Nuthatches
9 Sep 2017, 4:21 PM,
Lowland Red-breasted Nuthatches
There seems to be a lowland Red-breasted Nuthatch irruption occurring in Northern AZ right now. Since Sept. 1 reports have been trickling in from some unusual locations, including:
- Pasture Canyon (Tuba City), 3 individuals, 4 Sept.
- Rimmy Jim Tank, 1 individual, 9 Sept.
- Meteor Crater RV Park, 1 individual, 2 Sept.
- Tappan Spring (Cameron), 1 individual, 1 Sept.
- Gray Mountain/Old Route 64 (west of Cameron), 1 individual, 1 Sept.

Flagstaff, AZ
9 Sep 2017, 7:30 PM,
RE: Lowland Red-breasted Nuthatches
I think it's part of an overall irruption--they are all over the place at Desert View and all along the South Rim right now (where they are common fall migrants, but wow there are a lot of them this year), probably enjoying the pinyon nut crop.
12 Sep 2017, 12:13 PM,
RE: Lowland Red-breasted Nuthatches
I had a small herd of noisy RBNUs on my cul-de-sac this morning, which is definitely a bit unusual.

12 Sep 2017, 6:23 PM,
RE: Lowland Red-breasted Nuthatches
Several Red-breasted Nuthatches were seen at the southern base of Cochran Crater on 12 September 2017.
13 Sep 2017, 9:30 AM,
RE: Lowland Red-breasted Nuthatches
This morning produced a single Red-breasted Nuthatch in the Discovery Gardens at the Highlands Center for Natural History - about 5,550 ft - here in Prescott. Not exceptionally low in elevation but noteworthy in that it's my first in this location in nearly 3 years of observation. Also worth mentioning, in several areas in Arizona, New Mexico, and Colorado, montane species are being documented in lower-than-usual elevations so it appears the pattern is widespread.

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