Great bird but disgusting place
11 Sep 2017, 9:04 PM,
Great bird but disgusting place
Luck was with me this weekend. I already had a reservation for a hotel in Casa Grande for Sunday night when I found that a Red Knot was only 10 miles away. I ventured to the spot and easily found the bird - not counting Killdeer there were just 3 shorebirds at the spot and the site was small enough for good views of the whole area.

But the eBird hotspot named Goldman Dairy Sludge Ponds must just about be the most gross place I have ever birded. It consists of two cesspits and the smell stayed inside my nostrils until I got back to my room. Even now I can still sense the smell just thinking of the place. The birds seem to love it. The Red Knot flew from one set of floating (or piled high) poo to another and seemed as happy as a Knot can be. Several ibis and a Green Heron also seemed at home. I was just grateful that I hadn't had to drag my wife out there.

But perhaps you have been to worse places?

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