Likely Sanderling at Fulton Pond
12 Sep 2017, 3:51 PM,
Likely Sanderling at Fulton Pond
I was out at Fulton Pond midday today and enjoyed watching a good sized flock of shorebirds (mostly Killdeer) get harassed by a Peregrine Falcon and a Zone-tailed Hawk.  Among the shorebirds was a sandpiper-shaped bird that I only saw on the far side of the pond. It was larger than the Baird's Sandpiper it was standing next to, white beneath and gray on top, and with a black smudge at the bend of the wing. The only bird that I think makes sense is Sanderling. Unfortunately, I had to leave to get back to an appointment in Flagstaff before confirming with better looks at the bird. Hopefully someone else can get a look!

Flagstaff, AZ

12 Sep 2017, 5:44 PM,
RE: Likely Sanderling at Fulton Pond
At 4:45pm Chuck LaRue reports continued presence of a Peregrine Falcon and an American Kestrel, but no sign of Sanderling. He's also not seeing either Western or Baird's Sandpipers, both of which were present earlier.


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