Common Tern at Ashurst Lake, more terns elsewhere...
23 Sep 2017, 12:17 PM,
Common Tern at Ashurst Lake, more terns elsewhere...
This morning there was an adult Common Tern hanging around the boat put-in spot at Ashurst Lake. The last week of September seems to be a real peak passage time for this species, and today is yet another datapoint in support of this theory. The south end of Ashurst has a nice collection of shorebirds, including: Pectoral Sandpiper, Wilson's Phalarope, Red-necked Phalarope, American Avocet, Long-billed Dowitcher, White-faced ibis, Western Sandpiper and Least Sandpiper. Also present was an out-of-habitat Williamson's Sapsucker.

A tern at Upper Lake Mary flew south before it could be identified.
Perhaps the same tern was at Mormon Lake later in the morning, where it could not be identified due to extreme wind and distance.

Fulton Pond has dried up to the point where it looks like its run of fall shorebirds is over.

Double Springs was pretty quiet.

No sign of the Common Crane.



Flagstaff, AZ

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