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Light birding in eastern Washington state
1 Nov 2017, 9:55 PM,
Light birding in eastern Washington state
Just got back from a week visiting a friend in Colville, Washington, about 2 hours north of Spokane. I mostly found wide ranging western species. Stuck out on varied thrush, white-headed woodpecker, chestnut backed chickadee and trumpeter swans. I'll try again next time. 

The edge of the farming valley outside of Colville at 1800 feet had Ponderosa pines, larch, doug fir, hawthorn bushes, and balsam poplar and alders along the streams, plus weady habitats along roads. Birds seen around here were: Canada geese, red-tailed hawk, bald eagle, wild turkey (up to 40 at a time on the road or in yards), California quail, hairy woodpecker, flicker, Clark’s nutcracker, raven, Steller’s jay, black-billed magpie, northern shrike, robin, brown creeper, red-breasted, white-breasted and pygmy nuthatches, black capped & mountain chickadees, starling, song sparrow, Oregon junco, house finch. Also white-tail deer. 

One day we drove out about 25 miles to Big Meadow Lake at 3800 feet surrounded with forests of cedar, doug fir, western larch (gorgeous with golden fall needles) and aspen (also golden). Birds here were: Canada geese, mallard, ring-neck duck, common goldeneye, hooded merganser, pileated woodpecker, raven, brown creeper, red-breasted nuthatch, common redpoll. 

Turnbull National Wildlife Refuge south of Spokane had an interested landscape of grassy Ponderosa pine forest and wetlands at 2300 feet. Strangely quiet here with low numbers of all birds and no finches/sparrows. Didn’t find their resident trumpeter swans. Birds seen: pied-billed grebe, mallard, pintail, green-winged teal, gadwall, wigeon, coot, red-tailed hawk, bald eagle, California quail, flicker, raven, black-billed magpie, red-breasted & pygmy nuthatches, mountain chickadee.

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