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A better Kachina Wetlands this year.
19 Jan 2018, 12:12 PM,
A better Kachina Wetlands this year.
The Wetlands have been same old, same old for years.  I think Christina Vojta did a great job facilitating changes to the Wetlands.  The Knapweed and Mullen were knocked back and Canada Geese have been grazing the dry ponds.  That must make the managers of the adjacent golf course happy the geese are spending less time on their land.  Adding water to pond 5 with its lack of tall vegetation provided new habitat for birds and better viewability.  One day in Autumn I sat on the dike and watched swallows feeding below me along the shoreline.  A flock of American Pipits has been using that shoreline all winter.  A Rusty Blackbird spent days feeding on that shoreline.  Improvements have definitely been made for wildlife and viewers.

I would like to see the dike between ponds 5 and 8 closed to humans so the birds will not be flushed off pond 5 so frequently.

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