Oak Creek Canyon - River Otter and stuff
29 Mar 2018, 9:52 AM,
Oak Creek Canyon - River Otter and stuff
I did a check of lower Oak Creek Canyon this morning and was gobsmacked to run into a River Otter in the pool at Grasshopper Point. I knew there were otters downstream near Page Springs and elsewhere in the Verde Valley, but this was a total surprise. I ran into a couple fishermen who said they'd been fishing the area for years and this was the first year they'd ever seen an otter. I wonder when the last otter was seen in Coconino County?



Bird-wise, there is nothing too exciting to report. Lucy's Warbler numbers are climbing fast. The most unusual bird was an early Cassin's Vireo - this is the only March record of CAVI on eBird from Coconino County, with the prior early record (on eBird) in the third week of April!


Flagstaff, AZ

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