Logan's Crossing Goshawk
7 Apr 2018, 4:16 PM,
Logan's Crossing Goshawk
I was at Logan's Crossing around 2:00 this afternoon. Not the best time of day for birding so I didn't see too much. By far the best species was an adult Northern Goshawk. It was roughly 200 meters east of the westernmost area (where the wooden fence is) at the fairly new marshy area that was created when a berm was created. I was standing at the top edge of the drainage (it isn't very deep at this point) when the NOGO came flying up the draw from the east. It was perhaps 20' in front of me and slightly below me. I'm not sure which of us was more surprised. 

I'm amazed at the varying habitats I've encountered this species. I've seen one at Little Spring prior to them thinning it and fencing it off, one circling the Leroux fire area on the Peaks, another nesting on the North Rim in a ponderosa snag in a heavily thinned area, one in dense mixed conifer on Mormon Mtn, one near Hoxworth Spring in a dense dog-hair area of ponderosa and today's bird in an area of mostly pinyon-juniper. They are, to me, the most striking bird.


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