lawrence's goldfinches
6 Nov 2018, 2:32 PM,
lawrence's goldfinches
1. kristin rothrock found LAWRENCE'S GOLDFINCHES in way south camp verde
2. her checklist has the dot exactly at a stock tank that is not easy to give directions to
3. go out salt mine rd in camp verde and t
he faint trail/track to the tank is on the left (north) side of Salt Mine Road, 2.1 miles after it changes to a dirt road. (There is a car-sized open area for parking on the right (south) side of the road). The trail/track heads to a large healthy juniper at the SW end of the tank pond 100 meters from the road. This is a good shady place to observe the birds. 
4. this seems like a very reliable spot for these birds as they have been seen at least 5 days in a row (as many as 15 birds). sam hough says lots of other birds are using the tank as well.
5. i have also received at least 3 other reports of lawrence's goldfinches from places in verde valley - clearly a little bit of an irruption year for them as there are also many reports from maricopa county.
Rich Armstrong

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