NAU campus frugivores
7 Nov 2018, 4:09 PM,
NAU campus frugivores
While enjoying the sun and walking from one meeting to another at NAU today it was fun to watch a big frugivore flock, including about 50 Cedar Waxwings and 30 American Robins enjoying the decorative fruit trees (a crabapple variety maybe?) in the area of campus south of the University Union. By the time I walked the other direction a couple trees had already been stripped bare, but there is still an abundance of fruit left for them on campus.

No robins with rufous backs and no waxwings with particularly bohemian proclivities were seen, but it is the time of year when one can begin to be hopeful. With the healthy fruit tree crop all over Flagstaff this year it bears keeping an eye out!


Flagstaff, AZ

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