Above-the-Rim Turkey Vultures
25 Nov 2018, 12:19 PM,
Above-the-Rim Turkey Vultures
Driving home from Phoenix today, November 25, I saw a Turkey Vulture flying over I-17 at the Kachina Village exit. The is likely one of a handful of individuals (2-3) that have been reported regularly on eBird for the last several weeks in the general vicinity of I-17 south of Flagstaff and Lake Mary Road. This is a fairly remarkable persistence of Turkey Vultures into Fall...for anyone interested, the eBird filter is set to flag any sighting greater than zero TUVUs in Coconino County as 'rare' after October 24, and in most years they're all gone well before this date. So, this is truly an unusual lingering involving at least a couple individual birds.

Flagstaff, AZ
25 Nov 2018, 5:37 PM,
RE: Above-the-Rim Turkey Vultures
FWIW I have not observed any below the rim for several weeks. There are still lots of cattle above the rim, perhaps due to the mild fall conditions (we have barely had a frost down here), so I wonder if the TUVU are linked to that.
26 Nov 2018, 6:40 AM,
RE: Above-the-Rim Turkey Vultures
To underscore Jason's comment, Turkey Vultures lingering above the rim are  exceptional. Turkey Vultures are still commonly seen into the first week of October before abruptly vanishing by about October 7th or 8th.  A few may very occasionally be seen for a week or two after that but birds lingering in the Flagstaff area into late November is quite remarkable/unprecedented.
26 Nov 2018, 9:03 AM,
RE: Above-the-Rim Turkey Vultures
There were a handful of Turkey Vulture reports from the Greater Kachina/Munds Park area in November of 2017 also.  I also saw one in Mountainaire on Thanksgiving Day 2015.

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