Buffalo Range Road
6 May 2019, 6:33 PM,
Buffalo Range Road
Bea Cooley, Kirstin Aamondt and I birded BRR today. It was pretty great with cool birds and spectacular wildflowers everywhere.

Babbitt Tank contained 2 Wilson's Phalarope, 1 Great Egret, 7 Spotted Sandpiper, 5 Cinnamon Teal, 1 Yellow-headed Blackbird, a Lillian's Meadowlark, as well as many Brewers Sparrow and a couple other species.

Further along the road we started getting into the flowers and that was just as exciting as the birding. Spectacular blooms everywhere.

Near Anderson Canyon Kirstie saw a raptor far away in the air. I looked at it for a while and decided it was a Swainsons Hawk. It was then joined by a 2nd bird. I stuck with my SWHA call as they disappeared for a while. Then, suddenly they reappeared and flew close by and they were (thankfully) SWHA.

Anderson Canyon contained Rock Wren, N. Mockingbird and a pair of spectacular Scott's Oriole.

We found out that Raymond Ranch is closed until 7/28. The sign barring entry had been blown down in the wind.

So, if nothing else, go enjoy the beautiful flower display going on there.

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