blue bird question
14 Jun 2019, 10:28 AM,
blue bird question
At FS209 and Mormon Lake Rd; near Grass Flat Tank.  I park there to visit Grass Flat because of road construction.  I heard some Bluebirds where I park, probably Westerns.  One I saw had that medium blue color on the upper side, no reddish area in with the blue.  When the bird turned around, it showed spotting on the front throat and upper breast.  So, would a juvenile Western Blue be molting now into a solid blue with no reddish on the upperside, before it got rid of all the spots on the front?  Or could it be a juvenile Eastern molting (which would mean more Easterns). I don't see anything in the field guides that identify this bird.
14 Jun 2019, 8:33 PM,
RE: blue bird question
I found a couple pictures that I think show what you're describing. The spotted portion on the back of both of these looks kind of reddish to me, but I assume it's actually brown since it's still spotted. Maybe some variation of this is what you saw?

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