Bubbling Ponds and nearby

Sue Ordway and I birded at Bubbling Ponds, Page Springs Fish Hatchery and Up the Creek Restaurant yesterday. The best sighting for me was a group of six hooded mergansers in Oak Creek that we watched through a window at Up the Creek Restaurant. By the way, if you have never eaten there, it is across from Bubbling Ponds and the food is good. One can watch hummingbirds and other species while one eats. The most prevalent at Bubbling Ponds were the ducks: ring-necked, American wigeon, mallards, gadwall, and canvasback. Passerines were few and far between and we didn't see anything unusual. The fish hatchery was mainly dead. The most fun was at the restaurant watching the Anna's hummingbirds come to the many feeders that are hung just outside the windows. They have seed feeders, too, and we were happy to see a bridled titmouse. So where are all the birds?.